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Vitality. Why is it so important?

The root of this word means “life”. And so it’s importance to one’s experience and expression of life is quite important. Typically, people think of this word as being synonymous with energy or having lot’s of energy. Certainly, this is an important part of having vitality but there is a lot more to ferret out in what I am trying to express with the use of the word. For example someone who is too anxious and to full of nervous energy to sleep wouldn’t be particularly producing more “life” but would rather be somewhat life damaging over an extended amount of time.

So maybe can say this word is how we talk about living in such a way that brings you more life over the long run and on all levels of your life: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, financially, energetically, etc.

Part of developing vitality in this sense is about stopping expressions that damage your life developing in ways that bring your more life. The other half is how to purposefully develop yourself in a way that will add to your life intelligently.

For working on your health and life success there is nothing like developing a vitality that will grow your life in the way you need over time. When you lose your connection to life your health with begin to suffer. And the more you wisely build your vitality, or we could say the health of your whole life, the better your overall health will become.

The connection between health and vitality are quite fundamentally connected. This can be seen in a small example of how much energy people feel like they have when they are really sick with something like a flu. Typically, the body is working hard to kill off the virus and so the overall energy for activities in your life feels diminished. If that energy in your system gets too low a flu can kill you by overwhelming your immune system.

So this system is built to help you build the “health” of your entire life and this will lead to more vitality. It’s also built to help you get closer back to life and the life you feel in your heart you want to have, reconnecting you back to more vitality.

The more vitality and health you have the more you will enjoy your experience of the life you are leading. Whether that has to do with financial health, romantic health, emotional health or physical health.

The pursuit of vitality then is the pursuit of a fulfilled life. That would seem like a truly lofty goal worthy of heartfelt pursuit.

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