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The method includes many exercises, meditations, contemplations, self care techniques, a therapy method for somatic therapists and yoga like exercises. It has methods for dealing with trauma, mental exercises, a series of systems for working more consciously with your emotions, a system for recalling the parts of you that have gotten lost in your shadow side and integrating those pieces with the whole of you


It’s purpose is to help you work with your health in all it’s forms. It works with a number of principles applied through different areas of your life, but puts the emphasis on your inner world. Since we all experience our life inside, putting our awareness on what is going on inside and then beginning to make changes in our inner environment(mind, emotions, position of organs, muscle development, kinesthetic sensation, mental programming, emotional programming and more) can make profound changes. 


In the ever shifting world the one thing that always goes with you is your inner world. It’s the one thing you can count on to be with you, even through illness, betrayal, job loss, financial difficulties, bullying, and even in sleep that aspect of life and you are still there. Because of that we feel that this is the area to work. These methods can be done by anyone and go from very basic but powerful up to much more complicated to achieve better results. It is all based on your health


The NVL includes many methods to help build one’s health, methods to take some control of how you feel and how your mind functions. Rather than just allow these to function unconsciously we will learn to see them and slowly begin to see and work with the space between you and them. 


It will change your experience of life and yourself when you realize(actually experience for yourself) you aren’t your mind, body or emotions. Then the ability to consciously work with and conduct your mind, emotions and sensations will become more available to you. They way life is experienced by you is modulated mostly by inner factors(mind, emotions/feelings, sensations of the body, energy levels) these are actually within you. Humans have significantly more control of these aspects of themselves than almost anyone realizes(actually makes real for themselves).  We are far more complex in our personalities than most of us know. That is partly why it is hard to stay disciplined, one minute we are this part of our personality the next we are in another. Because of this development of greater degrees of self consciousness and awareness are vital to the process of real healing and life cultivation. As you develop greater degrees of self consciousness and overall awareness you’ll be able to change more of your inner world and experience and have better health and a better time of being alive. This isn’t about dominating yourself but  about waking yourself up and consciously working with all that you are. 


We start with a method on diet because we want to look at how we feed ourselves. 

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