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Todd's Newest Release

What the Bleep Brain?

Your brain is a powerful tool—that can either work for you or against you. Dive deep into the vast landscape of the mind, where emotions, trauma, and healing converge, in this revolutionary approach to mental health and personal growth.

Navigating our own inner workings can feel like an intangible maze. Pulled between our mind, our emotions, and how these manifest together in our own bodies, it can be a minute-to-minute struggle to feel strong and healthy. Understanding how your brain works with the body and using it to your full potential requires a method.

Somatic therapist and creator of the Vital Brain Method Todd Nyholm unveils his methodology to functioning faster, healing internal trauma, and navigating the intricate web of mind and body connections. Drawing from the synergy of neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, and ancient wisdoms, Nyholm provides a tangible anatomy-based pathway to master emotions, rewire your brain, and experience profound transformations.


Breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-follow steps, this book will help you:

  • “Reboot” your brain and gain control over your nervous system, breaking free from emotional hurdles and chronic health challenges.

  • Explore meditative states that clear brain fog and work directly with your brain to transform your mental and emotional well-being.

  • Learn from Nyholm’s personal experiences that rewire your outlook with hope, inspiration, and fresh perspectives on challenges.

  • Understand the brain states that affect your daily life and how you function, with practical exercises to create conscious control over them.

  • Upgrade your internal hardware (brain, spine, and peripheral nerves) and software (your thoughts, habits, emotional tendencies) to function together easily in harmony.


Empowered self-awareness and elevated consciousness await. Use these techniques to reshape your inner and outer worlds, enabling you to create the life you have always envisioned for yourself. Whether seeking emotional balance, mastering mind hacking, or embracing holistic health, this book is your roadmap to a revitalized life.

What the Bleep Brain

Harmonize Your Inner and Outer World


Happiness and balance can often feel just out of reach. While we strive to build the perfect home, enjoy our work and a thriving family, often the first sacrifice is our own heart and body. External expectations can bury our authentic self, causing disconnect between our inner and outer world. 


When you neglect your inner self, you’ll settle for less reward and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. A helping hand is here to filter out the distractions and disorder causing your mind and health to suffer. 


Get the step up you need with Nytality and the Healthy Life Ladder built on 26 principles to more conscious decision-making. Create harmony between your inner and outer life by harnessing the power of your thoughts, emotions, and energies – without fighting circumstances or changing your surroundings! With a practical method to synergize your mindset and break free from boundaries built around you, you can alter your perspective of success and healthy living – from the inside out. 


In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How the Healthy Life Ladder revitalizes the synergy between your outer and inner world. 

  • A way to define compulsive external programming and reorient your inner compass in a direction authentic to you.

  • A new relationship with your emotions to keep you in subconscious control – not outside circumstances.

  • Help to overcome external stress impacting the aging and longevity of your body and brain. 

  • The 26 principles so you can start to guide your story, your own way.


Your inner self deserves the same conscious priority as your environment! Get Nytality now to unfold a more nourishing and fulfilling life for the wonderful, individual you. 

Ah, Brain, Why do yu trouble me so much

Don't Miss this Must-read Book


Many of us have struggled with emotional eating and following preformed diet plans. The one size fits all approach can be difficult to maintain when the uniqueness of the person themselves isn’t taken into account. This book offers a solution that can be used while you eat to begin a change that can ripple through your diet, your body, and ultimately into your life. 


If you have struggled with diets, emotional eating, weight, digestive issues and vitality this method offers a solution that can be tailored to your specific situation. 


Presenting a solution that works from the inside out, Todd Nyholm simply, clearly and with specific actionable steps details a method that is used every time you eat to help you understand what is going on inside that is sabotaging your diet, weight, health and life goals. 

“Ah food, why do you trouble me so” specifically addresses how to work with yourself in order to help you overcome difficulties in your relationship to food so that you can overcome your specific issues. This book is the first step in the Nyholm Vital Life Method which lays out a series of steps to improve your health, vitality and life through a specific and multifaceted “laddering method.”

Ah, Food, Why do you troube me so much


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