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Cool new designs and an update

Hello everyone,

(Estimated read time 9 minutes)

It’s time for a fun update. I’ve been writing furiously all year long and now have book 2 in production. It’s been through one creative edit after which I rewrote a bit, added a few chapters and an addendum and it is now 40% longer than it was. I just sent it back for edit 2 and will hopefully have it all produced in a 3-4 months but we shall see as editing a book is quite the process. Yay!

I also wrote the manuscript for book 3 and it will be ready to work in after book 2 comes out. At the moment I can only work on one book at a time in terms of editing and production. I wrote book 3 first and then realized for all the books to work together I need a comprehensive overview book to connect them. And so I went to work and wrote book 2. So I have lots coming.

Book 1 has been coming along and if you haven’t picked it up or read it yet it is on all the book places. I’ll link a few below.


Audible audiobook version-

The most important thing to support an author in this digital age is putting up some kind of review on Amazon or Apple books or wherever you bought the book. My marketing manager has been pushing me to get to 25 reviews on Amazon. Currently, I am at 11 and if you have read enough of the book to give a review that would be a huge help to me. It can be short and sweet. It just needs to be honest and you have to not be my immediate family. I truly detest asking this kind of thing but the reviews tell the Amazon algorithm whether or not to show people the book when people are looking around on Amazon. A mediocre review is better than no reviews. It would be a huge help if you might consider leaving one. 😅 Ok, got that out of the way.

Now, for a little surprise project I have been working on. I’ve been trying to figure out interesting and inventive ways to share a few principles in a way that is a bit unusual. So, I made a few designs to help achieve that aim. For those of you who don’t know, I have been studying various foreign languages for a long time and Japanese has been a particular favorite of mine. These designs are based of a few Kanji and are a fairly direct breakdown of the radicals in the symbols. It really hit me when I was learning them how much wisdom is hidden in the way they are built and these designs help me share my appreciation of them.

This is the link to the online shop, where you can see the three designs and all the options and buy whatever catches your interest-

I also linked each individual design so you can see them separately in the store-




The designs are basically a fun way to draw that wisdom out for people who aren’t inclined to study languages or health/vitality on a deep level. I also personally think that they look pretty awesome. I made three designs to start with and all three are linked above. I have a number of more designs that I will be producing over time.

I made lots of variety in the apparel and in the accessories. I am enjoying the samples, the quality of the materials is good as is the printing. I particularly like the zip up hoodie.

I’m looking forward to the phone case and reminding myself repeatedly of the concept for “success” represented in the Kanji. I really at first made these for myself. How do you remind yourself of important concepts over and over enough until it becomes part of your normal daily working mental and emotional programming. Well, one way is using symbols and another way is lots of repetition without strain. Putting the reminder in a place that you can’t help but see it and using a symbol helps it go in without using lots of your consciousness and conscious mind. That makes it easier.

So it can be helpful to put it a lot of places that you and those around you might find it helpful. Like phone cases🙂, tshirts, hoodies, socks, stickers or even a tote bag. Anyway, I made a lot of options and I do genuinely think the designs are sharp and illustrative. I drew out the concepts and positions of the text and my artist friend Travis Krause helped me make them look good and have the right digital format. I am going to link his Facebook here. You should go check his work out. He is amazing.

The way the shop works is all online. You just go to my digital store, find what you like, pick you size and color and select the options you like. You pay right there on the storefront and they make it specifically for YOU and send it along. It took them 3 weeks to make and then send me my samples, so from order to delivery it was actually 20 days. They have a 30 day guarantee as well. So there is no middleman and less potential problems to share COVID-19 or anything like that.

I hope you will take a look and see if there is anything you like. I take a lot of pride in them and think they look pretty cool and have an amazing function.

In the long run, I have a lot I want to share through the books, articles, audiobooks and eventually YouTube channel and podcast. The cool shirts, sweatshirts, accessories and everything else will help me move all of that faster. So if you have any interest in what I am sharing and trying to do or in supporting me, buying some these would help out a lot. Travis and I worked hard to get them done before Black Friday and Christmas so you could have them available for that time of year.

Thank you for reading my freaking long post! I had a lot of super cool stuff to share and was excited to share it all with you. I have some lofty and big plans to share with people including some methods for healing, vitality, fulfillment and success. I think more than ever it is needed. Things are pretty interesting worldwide right now.

I hope this finds you well and full of life.


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