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Nytality self care method 2

Hey all,

Todd here again. I hope this finds you well. I’d like to take a minute to add a few more techniques you can use that are traditionally thought to help build the immune system and the lungs.

Last time we did a few simple techniques with breath, the hands and under the arms. Today, I’d like to focus in on the feet. It has been thought that working areas on the extremities has a powerful effect and I have found that to be true for myself and many of my clients.

One thing to know before we get started on a few techniques is that just the act of touching your body with the intent to create well-being or in this case specifically the feet, on yourself or a loved one can have a positive effect on how you feel and how well you are able to sink into the present moment. Getting out of your head and off the news might do wonders for your experience of this time.

Ok, so on to a few techniques. (Btw I am working on getting some videos going to make some of this easier to follow along with, especially since we all may be isolated for a little while yet)

  1. put your thumbs into the space just below the ball of your foot. Right in the center of your foot below the Transverse Arch. The Transverse Arch is the boney structure that runs left and right across your foot at the base of your toes. These bones would be similar to knuckles on your hands.

  2. Once your thumbs are in that space try to sit up straight and push in with a medium pressure straight into your foot. If you are on the floor you can do both feet at once. If you are on a chair cross one leg over the other leg and do one foot at a time. Breath out as you push in, take a deep breath all the way down to your toes and then let the breath out. Hold the pressure into your foot during the breath out, in and then out again. This technique actives the Kidney meridian, which is considered to have a lot to do with your overall energy level. It is also a wonderful way to ground yourself into the here and now.

  3. Next, rub across the whole Transverse arch on the bottom and top of the foot. You can use a little vigor and pressure on all these techniques if it feels good. Be careful if you have a preexisting health condition like diabetes. Be careful not to bruise yourself. This technique correlates with the lungs and lymph system.

  4. Finally, rub down the big inside arch(median arch) on your foot from big toe all the way down to your heel. Rub the whole way down at least three times. This is thought to have a wonderful effect on your back, spine, nervous system, insomnia and helping to keep you calm.

*try to breath deeply as you do these techniques

*relax as much as possible and try to get into what you are doing as much as possible.

*this can be done morning and night when things are tough but certainly works well being done a few times a week.

*be careful not to bruise yourself, this is thought to damage the transmission of the energy.

*have some fun with this and this can be done in conjunction with the other methods I have taught.

I have used these techniques for a long time now and they have been very useful for me. They have been around for thousands of years. I hope you can get some benefit from them.

Please share this, I’d like to get this out to some people who could use them during this difficult time.

Copyright Todd Nyholm 3/27/2020

Please come say hi at

Or on Instagram at @ Nyholmvitallifemethod

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