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Connections in Health and Vitality

One of the problems we have created for ourselves seems to be the inability or even disinterest to reconnect in practice what we have disconnected in study and in examination. But what do I mean by this? We have done such a good job examining things down to a microscopic level and understanding how little parts work that we seem to have missed a stage. A stage of putting the small, detailed understanding back into the context of the whole. And then creating a lifestyle and practice of living from that kind of understanding.

For example are your physical health and mental health mutually dependent or are they actually functioning separately as independent systems? Does problems with your physical health damage your mental health and not just because you are upset by feeling badly? Does working with your mental health help your body heal from chronic physical health problems? Can this be done in a predictable, practicable, long term way? Did we lose a lot of these understands as we developed into the modern medical age and throw out the proverbial “baby” with the bath water?

It’s my hope to share some of my experience with my own health, that of my clients, the research I’ve done into ancient modalities and some relatively modern one’s and how they look at health and then use all that to help to elucidate these questions.

The answers I needed to help myself definitely required me to go outside the typically way we see and divide up our health and life. The result of looking for those answers resulted in me building this system. First, to survive myself but secondly to codify them so I could help some other people.

In a large way that is what I am hoping to share with these blog posts, the book, and the videos, books, podcasts and lectures I’m planning. I just can’t reach enough people working one on one and hopefully with this I can touch more people like me who need this info and a method through which to apply it and make an actual qualitative change in their day life.

So upwards on onwards. I have a lot more to say and share as we go. I hope you will follow what I am doing and share it with people who would benefit from it.

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