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A traditionally based method for building health and getting through health problems

My name is Todd Nyholm and I have spent most of my life learning traditional and alternative methods of building one’s health, vitality and immune system. I’ve spent a lot of years formulating it for myself(because I have had many health problems) and for my clients and I’ve built a method I call the Nytality Life Method putting all that I have learned and developed into one system. With everything going on now I want to share with you some traditional and some relatively unknown ways of working with your body to foster your health. None of this is a cure or a treatment for anything but a lot of it has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world for building health, the immune system, the lungs and for general vitality.

I hope you won’t mind if I get into this directly without too much preamble. I think people need this now and so let’s get into a few methods. This is a good start but there is a lot more I will say on this subject. All of these methods you can do on yourself or with friends or family.

  1. Relax your whole body. Try to get your body to feel loose, supple and alive. Let go of any unneeded tension. Sit up straight or lay on your back. Let everything go as best you can. Consciously put your attention into your body. Feel that it exists. Spend a minute or two on this step or do it for as long as you like and it feels good.

  2. Take some deep breaths. Imagine you have a tube that goes down from your nose and mouth all the way to your pelvic floor. As you breath in imagine filling that tube all the way down to you hips and butt.

  3. Take 10 deep breaths and as you fill up that tube just imagine filling your whole body up 360 degrees and imagine bringing your breath all the way to your toes and feet. When you breath out gently push the air back out using your belly and lower back. (This step is for your breathing but also has a nice effect on your lymph system which in part has to do with white blood cell transport and immune response.)

  4. In the space between between your thumb and first finger is a fleshy area that corresponds in Acupressure and in Reflexology to your sinuses, lungs and lymph function traditionally. Grip that fleshy part on the outside and inside with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. You can make small circles with your thumb and fingers or just hold it steady and then hold that for about 30 seconds to a minute while you breath deeply.

  5. At the base of your fingers in between your knuckles(the knuckles with which you would punch) is an area that correlates to your lungs and lymph system. Rub deeply into those areas around the knuckles and gently across you knuckles for 2-3 minutes staying relaxed and breathing deeply.

  6. Slide the thumb side of your hand under your arm pit. And with a gentle slow motion lift your hand, while under your arm pit, towards your chin softly pushing up into shoulder. Do this both sides 5-10 times. Be gentle and soft, use the back of your thumb like the edge of book to get in deeply. Keep your hand somewhat soft but still holding that position. This helps the lymph fluid to move as lymph fluid is only moved through movement, breath, bouncing and with the help of some contractile tissues and skeletal muscle. Make it a nice rhythmical soft set of movements.

  7. Do another 10 breaths filling your whole body 360 degrees and gently pushing the air back out. Relax for a few minutes afterwards.

This is helpful to do everyday and if you feel you need it, twice a day.

* Spend some time with people you love and care for and try to genuinely laugh and feel gratitude for what you have. These are good ways to keep from getting lost in fear and panic.

* Traditionally pungent(wasabi or horseradish) and spicy foods are useful, as well as garlic and ginger tea for this purpose. Hydrate. I genuinely hope this helps you during this trying time.

Copyright Todd Nyholm 3/13/2020 Please visit me and say hi at

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