Ah, Food, Why Do You Trouble Me So Much?

Many of us have struggled with emotional eating and following preformed diet plans. The one size fits all approach can be difficult to maintain when the uniqueness of the person themselves isn’t taken into account. This book offers a solution that can be used while you eat to begin a change that can ripple through your diet, your body, and ultimately into your life. 


If you have struggled with diets, emotional eating, weight, digestive issues and vitality this method offers a solution that can be tailored to your specific situation. 


Presenting a solution that works from the inside out, Todd Nyholm simply, clearly and with specific actionable steps details a method that is used every time you eat to help you understand what is going on inside that is sabotaging your diet, weight, health and life goals. 


“Ah food, why do you trouble me so” specifically addresses how to work with yourself in order to help you overcome difficulties in your relationship to food so that you can overcome your specific issues. This book is the first step in the Nyholm Vital Life Method which lays out a series of steps to improve your health, vitality and life through a specific and multifaceted “laddering method.”